What is Optimal Health

What does this mean?

Better yet, what does it mean to YOU?

It wasn’t so long ago that I didn’t know either.

My health was failing, or so I thought. I couldn’t eat without having some adverse reaction.
Most days I felt like crap, had no energy. Now I was getting worse, losing weight & dehydrated, so I decided it was time to see a doctor.

As I sat there I realized that I was not being heard, and at some point I felt that did not trust his judgement and he was more or less telling me that I should stop what I was doing (trying to acquire healthy living) and do what he said. I got the usual treatment, asked what my symptoms were and said here go take these pills and take them until I say.

I was really tired

At this point in my life I really wasn’t interested in pills, or a quick fix! I wanted help & I had specifically asked for preventative therapies, modalities and I got no where. I felt unheard, and completely disrespected that day!

Im not sure if any of you have had this experience, but as a therapist I hear all sorts of things from you, that suggest this is a norm…..

So, without a whole lot of info about holistic living, my friend suggested I see a Naturopath. I figured, “what do I have to lose” so I did. I was willing to try anything that sounded better than my other option, live on pills and be at the mercy of the system.

Three years later, my life is like All of what happened Never happened!

Don’t you think thats crazy that with a healthy diet, some good acupuncture, herbs/supplements that create optimal functioning for your body, you can literally change everything! I look 10 years younger than I am and i feel 20 years younger than I am. Like I literally feel amazing every morning I wake up. I feel blessed and grateful all at the same time. There has never been a moment in my life then there is today where i feel more at peace, love in everything I do & just plainly abundant.

It’s crazy what 3 years can do.

I remember feeling nausea, chronic fatigue and pain in my body, these are all symptoms of inflammation and bad PH levels in the body. Or so was the case for me! I am not a doctor, but I did some research, got some really good info from a holistic doctor and started my journey back to health. Today this has become my passion as my mother was also taken early in her life due to bad health, habits and eating.

The food we intake today is poison in so many ways, chemicals, GMO’s, & presevatives. Most of us in some time of our life will become highly sensitive or allergic to these compounds, it was the case for me & I have heard of so many others.

How else could I explain going to clean diet, adding yoga and meditation, that my health would completely return to me?

If you are interested to learn what foods say they are good, but are actually bad look up Dr. Gundry MD. and what he calls the Lectin Report https://drgundry.com/lectin-guide/

If any of you that follow me that are suffering I want you to know that I have personally been through many stages of life, for the short amount of time I have been here. I understand pain on many levels, and 99% of people would agree that I have come out on the other side of things. I say this because I feel that most of us deep down are truly suffering in one way or another right now and I want you to know that I understand & I am here for you.

I am NOT a doctor and no one should use my suggestions as such, but I have real life experience that is proving itself effective more and more each day!

I feel like I am close to achieving my Quantum Health!

Quantum Health feels like bliss, my body feels and looks great, my mental health is clear and focused, I am happy and Energetic and have purpose in my life. I have never felt more connected to the world, my family and aligned to my inner self.

Does this not sound, beautiful?

Does this sound, like something you would like?

It is 100% attainable……

You just have to change what you don’t presently like in your life, commit to taking action & Love yourself enough.

Love & Light


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