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Kimberly offers Holistic Services that help our clients feel relaxed and energize their bodies to ensure that they live their best life. Our Saskatoon massage services revitalize the body, improve circulation, nourish the skin and reduce muscle tension. Massage therapy is a vital part of a human health program which not only reduces stress, but also helps improve sleep quality, living standards, and pain management, among other benefits. It is our goal to provide the best massage therapy Saskatoon has to offer! Our quality services have made us popular among Saskatoon residents and even with others from the neighboring communities. Kimberly is a highly trained and Registered Massage Therapist, who will ensure you receive a quality treatment and enjoy the benefits of Holistic Massage Services. With a wide range of techniques and extensive knowledge about massage therapy. Our clients will leave assured by receiving an incredible experience.

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The practice of Massage Therapy is the Assessment of the Soft Tissue, & Joints of the body and the Treatment and Prevention of physical dysfunction, pain of the soft tissues, & joints by Mobilization and other Manual Methods to Develop, Maintain, Rehabilitate, Augment physical function, and/or Relieve Pain.


At Intuitive Hands Massage & Wellness, we offer a number of world class massage therapy services to our esteemed clients. We believe in service precision to all by ensuring that we provide a vast array of customized services.

-Thai Table Massage

Modified version of what is also known as Thai medicine it is a technique from Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is an ancient massage combining various modalities (TCM, Shiatsu, Acupressure, & Stretch Therapy) in one powerful treatment. The focus of thai massage is to open the Sen Energy (Meridians),  Moving blood (restoring circulation to areas), & bringing balance to the whole system.

-Therapeutic Massage

Utilizes “Swedish” Massage technique. Our team of experienced RMT’s will customize a therapeutic treatment option that fits you! 
Therapeutic massage differs from Relaxation Massage. We use assessments to create specific treatments that offer a recourse for prevention or rehabilitation in your health care plan.

-Myofascial Cupping Therapy

Utilizes plastic suction cups that when placed specifically and with intent, will create a myofascial release in a big way!!!
This therapy is also good for Chronic Myofascial Pain, Congestion of Tissues & Limited Mobility. These treatments are so effective they can actually lengthen your time between visits.

-Thai Foot Reflexology

This is a relaxing, rejuvenating & revitalizing foot massage. Our practitioner will use Sen Meridians, Acupressure and Aromatherapy on the feet to create reflex effects for optimal health. After this your feet, your mind & your body will be relaxed.

Other Related Services We May Also Provide

Kimberly has spent her whole career-learning and honing her craft. She offers a variety of massage services to help you create a desired result, and get you back doing, what you love. Kim takes pride in her work and is committed to offering the best experience possible.

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At Intuitive Hands Massage & Wellness, we customize each treatment for every client with the proper set of movements, pressure and stretching specific to them. The foundation of our massage practices is centered around the amazing benefits of the Thai Massage discipline. This energizing form of massage has been mastered by our founder and truly delivers a sensational experience for any of our clients who have been treated. Thai Massage has a uniquely relaxing style that also can help alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and poor flexibility. Schedule with us today to see for yourself why we believe so much in this healing type of massage!

At Intuitive Hands Massage & Wellness We Believe Your Health Is a Top Priority For Us! Our Company Culture is Based on Understanding of The Holistic Healing Arts & Diverse Modalities. Our Goal Is To Provide The Very Best Experience In Therapeutic Massage Therapy Services, & Create Strong Client Relationships!

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