Living with Purpose & Opulence!

Love is not an Emotion, it is a State of Being!

This is truly one of the most powerful sayings I have ever heard!

The person who felt this must have really had an open heart, gave freely & had a childlike spirit.

When was the last time you felt this way?

Have you Ever felt like this?

Let me tell you a story about my spiritual journey from the Head to the Heart!

It all happened about 10 years ago when I decided that I just didn’t like the way my life was going. It was true, everyone I knew and that I was not headed in the right direction. I had learned many lessons, and the truth was I didn’t even know how to get out, but I had this burning desire for better things!

I have failed so many times in so many ways, that i feel like I am an expert on what NOT to do. I am the product of extreme adversity all odds against, Maybe thats why I have managed to turn my life around so much that know one would ever know what had happened all those years ago.

My drive and determination is what I’m best known for now! People would say I am kind, passionate about life & determined to create the best in mine and others lives.

See, I have experienced ill health, trauma, death of loved ones, unsurmountable challenges that used to pile themselves on top of each other. More over I have been in some of the most adverse situations to come out alive, without resentment & some would say OPULENT.

I love life, my career, my family, the people I do business with!

I spend my days asking How Can Be of, More Service?

Living in state of love and showing people love is the most important expression we can do!

Do you live in the spirit of opulence?

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