What is Positive Touch?

What is Positive Touch?

It’s amazing how many of us have a misunderstanding of what positive touch is.

Last week when I was giving a presentation, It got me thinking…..

How many other’s had a misconception of intimacy?

How many other’s didn’t have this level of intimacy in their relationship?

We talked about our husbands and how (we felt) they saw sex as intimacy, and how we saw intimacy as time, caressing & communication.

Maybe it’s a women thing but I feel like this is the norm…..

So I’ll ask,….

How many of you are missing the level of intimacy that creates lasting, and loving relationships?

I feel very fortunate because as much as everything in my life isn’t perfect, I have a partner that is so loving and so compassionate for my needs, that he is Always there when I need him the most! Any challenge I may face, here is this loving man that no matter what just wants the very best for me and will do anything to make that possible. His level of commitment to me is so deep that it bring out the best in because love makes everything possible!

Love & Intimacy are meant to be shared, it’s an energy that creates passion, it’s caring & has many levels.

Positive touch can be shared in a way that can be imaginative, creative or sexual. Its meant to tantalize the senses, & create a closeness thats unbreakable…

Positive touch is an amazing way to increase that love energy into your relationship!

So can I ask you,

How are you contributing to your Relationship today?

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