Crippling Car Accident To Recovery!

Have You ever……

Been in a car accident & Ran out of benefits through SGI still suffering from pain?

Are you currently suffering from a Chronic Pain, because of these prolonged symptoms, and are they affecting you to the point where you are unable to focus, work & even just get out of bed.

These symptoms can go on to affect us daily, but our goal is to move out of the pain and into less suffering.

The pain feels excruciating sometimes!We feel it in our Backs, our Shoulders & even our Necks. We may also suffer from Headaches, or feel nauseous… Because of prolonged symptoms that when properly treated with a self-care routine can really change our life.

CHRONIC Pain Kills us from the inside…

When Chronic Pain starts to affect us from the inside, we experience depression, hopelessness & anxiety.

This can cause a whole lot of rippling effects,…….

If, our pain effects our emotions, we eventually become moody, angry or even resentful. (NOT A GOOD SENSATION.)

I would like to share a case study on a patient of mine who suffered from a major car accident. He qualified for SGI coverage, started care, but was unfortunately released too early.

My Patient went through Massive Difficulties with extreme headaches.

These Headaches would lay him out for the whole day!

He felt Nauseous & he was unable to think clearly when these Episodes would happen

This accident happened just over 2yrs ago… (August 19th of 2018)

It’s been months now since his last episode, & he has made a full recovery…

Since the accident he now has full range of motion in his neck & shoulders.

He also says he feels better than he did before his accident!

Which is totally amazing Right?

We worked on the whole shoulder and the whole neck.

Some agencies limit massage to only work on what’s effected. This is against Massage Principles, and what’s worse, is most clients get some sort of chronic pain down the road from either not getting the proper treatment, or they are released too early.

Has this ever happened to You?

If it has, it’s ok there is help!

Taking action in your own health care plan can really make or break the norm.

I have proven Results & I am 98% effective in treating all types of chronic pain!

I am here to help whether you’re someone needing treatment, &/or looking for mentorship.

Mentorship is one of the most important parts of my life and I personally invest a few times a year.

Without my mentors I would NOT be where I am today.

I would not have believed in myself and I would not be writing this either…

Join us, you might be looking for free content, strategies or just ideas to use in your treatment space!

Lots of great new and exciting things happening

I am excited to bring this to you!

Love & Light


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