Saskatoon Thai Massage

Intuitive Hands Massage & Wellness - Offering Quality Thai Massage to Saskatoon Residents

We offer a unique blend of non-resistant stretching, pressing massage and yoga at our facility, also known as Thai massage. Our excellent Thai massage offers several benefits to the body. Like our special Shiatsu massage, it allows our client’s energies to align, hence offering many benefits. Our Thai Massage Saskatoon therapies are loved so much because of the extremely energizing benefits provided to our clients. It involves our client doing yoga, minus the work itself. Our trained therapists do all the work for clients, consisting of a series of movements, stretches, and unique postures. This type of massage has proved to be helpful to those with back pain and those suffering from anxiety.

Thai Foot Reflexology

Thai foot reflexology is proven to be a relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing experience that can help heal the physical, mental and spiritual components of the human body. Thai foot massage methods detoxify the body, helping relieve serious issues like stress and fatigue. Other benefits of this practice include the ability to restore balance and decrease tension issues. Thai foot reflexology initiates pressure to different parts of the soles of the feet, generating a reflex reaction that can ignite sensation in other parts of the body. This healing massage method is relied upon by many to benefit many aspects of personal health and wellness.

Top Health Benefits of Our Saskatoon Thai Massage

By applying unique stretching techniques and gentle pressure, Thai massage helps to relax the body muscles and tissue. This ancient healing technique that originated in Asia, has been used for thousands of years because of its numerous health benefits. Thai massage helps reduce stress, increase energy, relieve headache, stimulate blood circulation and improve motion range.  Thai massage has also proved to be extremely helpful to athletes, since it boosts athletic performance by allowing the body to become more flexible. Visit our facility for the best Saskatoon Thai Massage today, and enjoy its numerous health and physical benefits!

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