Saskatoon Cupping Massage

The Best Cupping Massage Saskatoon Has to Offer!

Cupping massage has been one main area of specialization since our practice opened. We have been offering cupping massage services to Saskatoon residents and even those from the neighboring cities. Cupping massage therapy is a traditional form of healing that involves using special cups. It originated from the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese. The cups are placed on the skin for a few minutes to help create suction. We have different cups made from different materials at our facility that include:

There are two types of cupping, namely dry and wet cupping. Dry cupping involves the suction method only while wet cupping involves suction and medicinal bleeding that has to be controlled. Our therapists use the best material and methods that suit each client depending on the medical condition and the preference of the client. Call now to learn more about why our cupping massage Saskatoon services are loved so much!

What Should I Expect in My Saskatoon Cupping Massage Session?

During a Saskatoon cupping massage therapy session, our therapist will place the selected cup on your skin, then it will either get suctioned or heated. To create suction, our practitioners heat the cup using herbs or alcohol. Alternatively, they can use rubber pumps which create suction upon placement on the skin. The cups stick on the skin because it creates a vacuum between the skin and the cup, drawing the skin and muscles inside the cup. Expect your skin to turn red as a reaction to a change in pressure in the blood vessels. This method can provide short term and long term benefits to the clients we serve!

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